January 2024

4-week program


It is time for a NEW YOU

but give up easily.
You are not alone – We all need Motivation & Inspiration

to Set & Achieve your goals & resolutions


Did you know that

  • Most people fail their resolution by Jan 19th – which is termed the Quitter’s Day
  • 80% abandon by second week of February


 This year achieve the life you desire!

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it is time for transformation

Are you often?

  • Lacking motivation
  • Wake up tired & are low in energy
  • Seeking Work-life balance
  • Negative & have Limited mindset

Achieve & Be

  • Healthy
  • Energized
  • Motivated & Inspired 
  • Optimistic & have a Growth mindset

With our

Instructors & Coaches


Wellness Leader | Well-being Coach Meditation Instructor |  Speaker

Jas. is certified in Meditation, Holistic Health & Positive Psychology – Resilience. He is an award winning Wellness leader and creator of Motivational Mondays program.

Jas’s passion is to share what he has learned and to help you

  • get past your struggles & Transform! 
  • go from wishing to achieving!
  • have clarity & live your Purpose!

Learn more about Jas’s Four Step transformational program and GO FROM SURVIVING TO THRIVING​



Wellness Guide


Leilainia is a full-time Performer and Wellness guide.

“I have dedicated my life to the art of movement, health and expression. My mission is to bring the art of celebration and imagination into the foreground and give people tools to allow the joy within to lead them. ”

Leilainia is a certified Chopra Coach, Health and Meditation guide, a Hatha Yoga, Kundalini, and KundaDance Instructor, as well as an award-winning Belly Dancer.



Wellness Coach


Becca is a certified Chopra Coach, Health and Meditation guide. She offers coaching, teaching, and healing sessions or classes in person, online, or over the phone.

She is authentic and easy to talk to. If you’re looking for someone who will listen non-judgmentally with presence, offer honest and insightful reflections, ask you deep questions, and allow a spiritual relationship to unfold. Her down to earth approach with high vibration energy work and my instinctual nature is comforting to people and animals.

Her ability to assess and understand the needs of others through listening and my natural empathy allows the necessary universal healing flow to come through unabated.


Weekly Themes

Week 1


  • Set your Resolutions, Goal or theme for the year
  • Go from I can’t to I WILL
  • Commit & take action

Week 2


  • Know your Why (behind the goal)
  • Know your Values
  • Discover your Purpose in life
  • Guided Meditation with a Mantra

Week 3


  • Understand your blocks or Limiting beliefs
  • Learn one of the best techniques to conquer fears
  • Guided meditation on Gratitude 

Week 4


  • Set Intentions & create a Well-being plan with contingencies
  • Write your Success story – One year from now
  • Guided meditation to manifest Success 


the New You


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

When does the program Start ?

We will begin on Jan 8th with weekly sessions on Mondays and end on Jan 29th. 

You will also get an email of Weekly recap, video recording & instructions. 


Is it really FREE?

Yes the 4 week program is FREE.
If you find sessions beneficial we welcome donations.

Many people can benefit from a personal 1-1 coach and accountability. If you are interested you can take paid sessions with our coaches.

Also our coaches provide various services that you can benefit from.


What if I missed a session?

Session will be recorded so you can catch up if you missed a session 

Also if  you can do repeat or do the program at your own pace. 


What will happen after 4 weeks?

We will have monthly 4 week series as part of our Motivational Mondays program to keep you motivated, learn further & and practice weekly.

The program launched in November 2020 as a pilot, the group now has 1000+ members and has had 300+ sessions. The program is generating overwhelmingly positive feedback from Merkle and denstu employees.

Learn more



Results from the program

Hear out what past attendees say about the program

I love all the workshops when I can attend – I always appreciate the extra morale boost and inspiration for my personal and work life

Love these series on how I can take care of myself and set goals for myself (work and/or personal).

I loved the Intention worksheet. It made me think of my priorities, and write down my action plan, and I really liked the contingency plan. There is never an excuse not to do something!

The sessions were incredibly helpful for my well-being.

Besides goal setting, “New You” helped me figure out what values I should prioritize and dig deeper into my life purpose.
Sessions with Jas are always fulfilling, grounding, and orienting! It’s a wonderful way to start the week, taking a few minutes to care for my mental health with structure.
I enjoyed the gentle approach to goal-setting

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2024 NewYearNewYou-Signup (#11)

Sign up now for FREE 4 week Program 
to receive weekly Inspiration, video, guided meditations


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