“The same boiling water that softens the potato, hardens the egg.
It’s what you’re made of. Not the circumstances”

Unknown Author

Think about it for a moment: 

This quote reminds us that our perspective and our mindset play a crucial role in how we handle challenges. We can choose to be like the potato and allow ourselves to be softened, or we can choose to be like the egg, allowing the boiling water to harden us and make us resilient.

The choice is ours.


The same circumstance can be viewed by two people differently:

  • A pessimistic person lets the challenges affect them negatively vs.
  • The optimistic views even the difficulties as an opportunity with the attitude of What can I do?

As you are reading this quote and post, regardless of what you are facing or what has happened, Remember that:

 You are amazing, smart & awesome!

Embrace challenges with an optimistic mindset, knowing that even in the face of adversity, we have the power to transform and thrive.

Thank you for visiting, stay positive and keep growing.


  1. BREATHE: Take a moment to pause and breathe.
    • Slow deep breathing… and guide your breath to go deeper
    • Try breathing in for a count of 4 and breathing out for a count of 5 or longer
  2. REFLECT: on a challenge you are facing
    • What thoughts come up?
    • What are you feeling?
  3. RESPOND: 
    • Come back to the breath & without any judgment notice your body, thoughts, or any sensations
    • With the next breath out Release and let go of what is not needed
      or anything that is not helping you right now.
    • Ask yourself are these thoughts helping or hurting me?
    • Opening your fist visualize releasing a string and 
      Watch the balloon fly away…

Remember that you can be Optimistic. & that

“This too shall pass.”


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