12-week program


It is time for a NEW YOU

but give up easily.
You are not alone – We all need Motivation & Inspiration

to Set & Achieve your goals & resolutions


Did you know that

  • Most people fail their resolution by Jan 19th – which is termed the Quitter’s Day
  • 80% abandon by second week of February


 This year achieve the life you desire!

Are you often?

  • Lacking motivation
  • Wake up tired & are low in energy
  • Seeking Work-life balance
  • Negative & have Limited mindset

Achieve & Be

  • Healthy
  • Energized
  • Motivated & Inspired 
  • Optimistic & have a Growth mindset

Our team of

Teachers / Instructors / Coaches


Wellness Leader | Well-being Coach
Meditation Instructor |  Speaker 

Jas is certified in Meditation, Holistic Health & Positive Psychology – Resilience. 

His passion is to share and help you

  • Transform! 
  • have clarity & live your Purpose!

Jas blogs at ReflectandRespond & is the creator of the platform with his vision is to make the world a more mindful place by providing a platform with practices for your growth, wellness, and wellbeing.


Chopra Health Teacher 

Molly spent her career as a marketing and communications professional for live entertainment. Managing her stress through healthy practices became a necessity in 2010 with meditation and sleep being the top priorities.

After returning from India in 2019, she continued to pursue her learnings of the Ayurvedic lifestyle and became a certified Chopra Health teacher in 2022.

Her focus is to help people decrease their stress and optimize their health in the areas of sleep, nutrition, movement and mindfulness.


Well-Being Coach

Gayatri is your perfectly imperfect guide to discovering your purpose and reconnecting you with who you really are, by dispelling limitations that no longer serve you. Using tools & methods backed with science and ancient wisdom, so you can be your best self, body, mind and spirit. Let’s design a meaningful life you can’t wait to wake up to each day, infused with inherent joy, calm contentment and balance.

Gayatri is a certified Wellbeing Coach, Meditation Instructor, & Ayurvedic Lifestyle instructor.


Wellness Guide

Leilainia is a full-time Performer and Wellness guide. 

“I have dedicated my life to the art of movement, health and expression. My mission is to bring the art of celebration and imagination into the foreground and give people tools to allow the joy within to lead them. ”

Leilainia is a certified Chopra Coach, Health and Meditation guide, a Hatha Yoga, Kundalini, and KundaDance Instructor, as well as an award-winning Belly Dancer.

Chopra Wellbeing coach


Well-being Coach

Cheryl is a former entrepreneur from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  In 2020 she sold both of her retail businesses to focus on reinventing herself.  Cheryl was heavily influenced by the teachings of Eckhart Tolle and became very passionate about the “Power of Now”.  Through Tolle’s teachings, she was able to cultivate peace and joy in her life. 

Looping back to her studies with Chopra in 1990’s, she decided to pursue the path to becoming a Chopra Total Well Being Coach.  Cheryl is keen to hold the space of transformation for all of those on a path to fulfilling their full potential. 

Health and Happiness Coach


Health & Happiness Coach

Wendy empowers elites to achieve a higher level of physical health, happiness, and wealth.

After witnessing her mother debilitated from Alzheimer’s at age 64 due to poor diet and lifestyle choices, Wendy is determined to walk a different path.

She leads professionals and business owners to a healthier path, so they can enjoy their wealth later in life. She is a certified WILDFIT and Health Dynamics coach. She lives in Hong Kong and provides her services online.



Jenna is a hypnotherapist, healing artist, and anti-burnout practitioner. 

She works with clients in a variety of settings to help them overcome the challenges they are facing in their every day lives.

Her  approach is gentle but effective and her goal is not to cause more harm and trauma in your life, but to open your subconscious mind up to a world of possibilities: a world of intentionality.

She uses a custom blend of healing modalities (including hypnotherapy, EFT/tapping, art therapy, journaling, meditation, herbalism) to enable YOU to be in charge of your healing journey. The goal is to amplify the intelligent, creative life force that already exists in you!

Writer, Artist, Creator, Business Mentor and Personal Finance Coach


Mentor & Coach

Amanda is a Writer, Artist, Creator, Business Mentor, and personal finance coach. 

She is an abstract Artist at Amanda Gatlin Art and provides wonderful coaching services at BePassionateandProsper.

christine mathis Health wellness coach


Holistic Health Instructor

Christine has had an international career as a school teacher in French schools in Mexico, the United States, and Colombia. She has also traveled to India, Nepal, and Tibet.
Christine became a practitioner of the Aura-Soma system created by Vicky Wall and specialized in the “light pen” which is a chromotherapy combined with acupuncture: color rays projected on acupuncture points.
She had a deep experience of psychoanalysis and discovered through this color system that there is something even deeper to heal so that blocked energy there can be liberated.
Christine has worked with people facing difficult situations in their life, with adolescents in situations of early abandonment, with people at their ultimate stage of cancer, and with animals.
She now practices color reading which goes straight to the core of the problem in a short time,  and remote healing working on the subtle bodies.




  • Certified Chopra life coach
  • working at the magical intersection of her strengths and passions
  • Absolutely loves connecting  with people who want to do the work to uncover their true perfect self

Weekly Themes

Week 1


  • Set your Resolutions, Goal or theme for the year
  • Go from I can’t to I WILL
  • Commit & take action

Week 2


  • Know your Why (behind the goal)
  • Know your Values
  • Discover your Purpose in life
  • Guided Meditation with a Mantra

Week 3


  • Understand your blocks or Limiting beliefs
  • Learn one of the best techniques to conquer fears
  • Guided meditation on Gratitude 

Week 4


  • Set Intentions & create a Well-being plan with contingencies
  • Write your Success story – One year from now
  • Guided meditation to manifest Success 

Week 5


Learn how to

  • Improve your sleep
  • Wake up refreshed 
  • Focus on One Thing

Week 6

Morning routine

  • Creating a Daily routine
  • Simple tips to start your  morning 
  • Prioritizing your start and day
  • How to delay phone and any gadgets from start of day 

Week 7


  • Create a plan to achieve a Work-Life balance
  • Learn how to shut down

Week 8

Introduction to Holistic Health

Take a quiz to know

  • your mind-body type
  • where you are out of balance 

Week 9


  • Balancing with Movement
  • Learn about how to maintain & increase energy

Week 10

Focus on Mind

  • Balance your mind with Sound
  • Learn about Energy Centers 
  • Manage Stress & Anxiety

Week 11

Focus on Spirit

  • Learn how to be find fulfillment  

Week 12

Celebrate the New You

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

When does the program Start ?

We will begin on Jan 1st and meet every week till Mar 26. 

The live sessions will be held on Sundays at 11 am EST-NY time.  
Sessions will be recorded if you are not able attend. 

You will also get an email with a Weekly theme, video recording & what do to. 

What if I missed a session or am starting late?

Each session will be recorded.

You can start any time and catch up if you missed a session 


You can do weekly sessions at your own pace. 


Results from the program

Hear out what past attendees say about the program
"I gained so much confidence in my ability. I love learning how to be a better person, manifest good things in life, and find a balance between work and life. "
Tom Allen
"It’s amazing how much I learned and was able to apply. I gained something from each session."
Jay Anderson
"Wow! Guided Meditation and Mindfulness series was so inspirational for me and much needed."
Jane Davis

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