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Mondays can be an opportunity for a fresh start, join my ongoing program, “Motivational Mondays,” to practice techniques such as breathing, stretching, and guided meditation with positive-themed quotes and affirmations.

Our current series is: MINDFULNESS

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What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create.

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Our hope is to help you be optimistic, stay motivated & when there are tough times to be resilient so that you can bounce back.

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1:1 Coaching


Go from surviving to thriving! With guidance and accountability put your aspirations into action with a Wellbeing plan that you live each day

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Group Coaching


Learn, practice wisdom techniques backed by science to have balance in your lives. With living your purpose and fulfillment - bring your best self to work.

Group Coaching Sessions

Join a group at an upcoming workshops

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Executive Coaching


What is blocking you? What are your limiting beliefs? What will be your legacy? What is your purpose? Discover and live your authentic values. Give back and feel good.

Executive Coaching Sessions

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I help individuals to have clarity and live their purpose.

I am glad that you have made it here! If you are ready to take action, let me help you transform your life. 

Unlock your purpose and find fulfillment in your life.

Jas Singh

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"Before I met Jas I was feeling lost and confused with what my main purpose was and how to live a more fulfilled life. Coaching on Purpose helped me uncover my aspirations and empowered me with the steps of connecting back to my inner, true self..."
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One of my biggest challenges is making stillness a habit. In my first session with Jas, I revealed that I lived with stress and high anxiety. Without hesitation he guided me through a very simple breathing technique called Pranayama that I found to be very effective. Jas has the ability to instantly put a person at ease with his calm demeanor and gentle voice. It lends perfectly to a guided meditation...
Jas helped me develop a purpose statement and suggested basic strategies to keep that mission in focus. In order to create this manifesto, I was required to answer questions that forced me to deeply consider who and what I am in addition to how I want to be in this world. As well as providing tools via his website that includes guided meditations, J
Portrait of businesswoman using digital tablet while having coffee in office
Jas also introduced me to Primordial Sound which helped me discover the magnificent benefits of mediation with a unique and individual vibration. His knowledge and guidance for living a more meaningful life through mediation is extremely helpful for anyone who wants to connect to his true purpose in this very noisy world we live in. Thank you Jas for everything you have taught me!"

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Mindfulness is a wonderful practice that has many benefits for us at work and in personal life, such as increased focus and happiness. The practice can help us reduce stress and anxiety.

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