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Did you know that

  • Ikigai is a Japanese term that roughly translates to “reason for being.”
  • If you can find your Ikigai – it will give your life worth, meaning, or purpose.


Find & live your purpose for a fulfilled life. 

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Are you often?

  • Lacking motivation
  • Wake up tired & are low in energy
  • Seeking Work-life balance
  • Negative & have Limited mindset

Achieve & Be

  • Healthy
  • Energized
  • Motivated & Inspired 
  • Optimistic & have a Growth mindset


Instructor & Coach


Wellness Leader | Well-being Coach Meditation Instructor |  Speaker

Jas. is certified in Meditation, Holistic Health & Positive Psychology – Resilience. He is an award winning Wellness leader and creator of Motivational Mondays program.

Jas’s passion is to share what he has learned and to help you

  • get past your struggles & Transform! 
  • go from wishing to achieving!
  • have clarity & live your Purpose!

Learn more about Jas’s Four Step transformational program and GO FROM SURVIVING TO THRIVING​


Weekly Themes

Week 1

Introduction to Ikigai

  • Understanding the concept of Ikigai
  • The four elements of Ikigai: What you love, what the world needs, what you can be paid for, and what you are good at

Week 2

Discovering Your Passion

  • Identifying what you love
  • Activities and exercises to uncover your passions

Week 3

Exploring Your Mission

  • Understanding what the world needs
  • How to align your passion with the needs of the world

Week 4

Recognizing Your Vocation

  • Identifying what you can be paid for
  • Exploring potential careers and vocations that align with your passion and mission 

Week 5

Unleashing Your Profession

  • Recognizing what you are good at
  • Building skills and expertise in your chosen profession

Week 6

Balancing Your Ikigai

  • Finding the intersection of your passion, mission, vocation, and profession
  • Strategies for maintaining balance and harmony

Week 7

Living Your Ikigai

  • Incorporating Ikigai into your daily life
  • Case studies and success stories

Week 8

Sustaining Your Ikigai

  • Overcoming challenges and setbacks
  • Long-term strategies for sustaining your Ikigai

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

When does the program Start ?

We will begin on Feb 26th with weekly sessions on Mondays.

You will get an email of a Weekly recap, video recording & instructions. 

Is it really FREE?

Yes the program is FREE. 

Many people can benefit from a personal 1-1 coach and accountability. If you are interested you can take paid sessions with our coaches.

Also, our coaches provide various services that you can benefit from.

What if I missed a session?

Session will be recorded so you can catch up if you missed a session 

Also if  you can do repeat or do the program at your own pace. 


What will happen after 8 weeks?

We will have an ongoing series as part of our Motivational Mondays program to keep you motivated, learn further & and practice weekly.

The program launched in November 2020 as a pilot, the group now has 1000+ members and has had 300+ sessions. The program is generating overwhelmingly positive feedback from Merkle and denstu employees.

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Results from the program

Hear out what past attendees say about the program
"I gained so much confidence in my ability. I love learning how to be a better person, manifest good things in life, and find a balance between work and life. "
Tom Allen
"It’s amazing how much I learned and was able to apply. I gained something from each session."
Jay Anderson
"Wow! Guided Meditation and Mindfulness series was so inspirational for me and much needed."
Jane Davis

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2024 Ikigai-Signup

Sign up now for FREE Ikigai Program 
to receive weekly Inspiration, video, guided meditations


Ikigai, a Japanese concept, combines the terms iki (meaning “alive” or “life”) and gai (meaning “benefit” or “worth”). When merged, these terms represent what gives your life worth, meaning, or purpose.

  1. The Four Elements of Ikigai:
    • What You Love: Identify activities that ignite your passion.
    • What You’re Great At: Recognize your strengths and talents.
    • What the World Needs: Consider how you can contribute to others’ lives.
    • What You Are Paid For: Find the intersection of your skills and financial sustainability.
  2. The Five Pillars of Ikigai:

    • Starting Small: Begin with small steps, appreciating the incremental progress.
    • Releasing Yourself: Free yourself from unnecessary burdens and constraints.
    • Harmony and Sustainability: Seek balance and long-term well-being.
    • The Joy of Little Things: Find delight in everyday moments.
    • Being in the Here and Now: Embrace mindfulness and presence.

Each week will include a mix of lectures, discussions, practical exercises, and personal reflections to help participants explore each topic in depth.

Remember, the journey to finding one’s Ikigai is deeply personal and different for everyone. It’s about finding joy and fulfillment in everyday life by balancing what we love, what we’re good at, what the world needs, and what we can be paid for. 

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