Welcome to NEW YOU Challenge! It’s time for a transformation. 

Stay inspired & motivated to achieve the life you desire. 

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    Weekly Sessions Summary

    WEEK 4- Power of Intention to create a Wellbeing Plan

    Summary: Three Keys to Success 

    1. Set Intentions & create a Well-being plan with contingencies
    2. Write your Success story – One year from now
    3. Guided meditation to manifest Success

    Watch Coach Becca's tips:

    Also listen & practice:

    1. Setting intention
    2. Guided Meditation &
    3. Exercise with Yoga Stretching and Bellows breathing

      LINK to Coach Becca’s Stretching

    WEEK 3 - Overcome your Block & Fears

    Summary: Three Keys to Success 

    1. Become friendly with your blocks and fears

    2. Map Values to fears

    3. Take Aligned Actions 

    Watch Coach Leilainia's talk:

    Also listen & practice:

    1. What is your block
    2. Guided Meditation &
    3. Breath of Fire Exercise with Yoga Stretch 

    5-minute meditation only

    Guided Meditation to overcome your blocks & limiting beliefs

    WEEK 2 - Your Values & Purpose

    Summary: Three Keys to Success 

    1. Write down your Values
    2. Write your Purpose & Vision statements.
    3. Take Aligned Actions 
    Purpose Worksheet from Coach Becca – Download 

    WEEK 1 - Get started  

    Summary: Three Keys to Success 

    1. Do 3 steps from week 0
    2. Decide & write down what is your theme for the transformation journey.
    3. Take Action – write it down by hand!
      I Can’t to –> I CAN –> I Will –> I Commit

    Tips from Coach Leilainia & Kundalini Exercise


    WEEK 0 - Preparation & Planning ​

    Summary: Three Keys to Success 

    1. Get a JOURNAL or Diary
    2. Start to Imagine the “New You”
    3. Take Action – write it down by hand!

    ***Highly recommended***

    Don’t forget to get: a Journal, Diary & make it your Golden book.
    The book you will be your story, what you will write and achieve!


    Journal Notebook
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