If you are looking to balance your life, I encourage you to take a holistic approach.

Learn & practice Holistic Health to unlock better mental, physical & spiritual health by

  • Learning about Ayurveda a centuries-old system of health and healing and how we can integrate the principles into our lives.
  • Knowing what is your mind-body type (or Dosha) and how to make choices to keep your life in balance?

From a Western medical perspective, stress relief seems to be one of the ways Ayurveda works to help fight illness. For example, studies have found that meditation, which is a part of holistic balancing, lowers anxiety.

One of the first steps you can take is to know what is your natural state of balance & where you are out of balance now. 

Prakruti predicts your mind-body tendencies.

Your basic nature determines what will keep you in harmony throughout your life. It also will help you understand what will cause you to move out of balance or become unwell.

Your basic nature is a unique combination of the three doshas—everyone has all of the doshas in varying quantities. You’re a unique blend of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha—and you have been since before you were born.

Take the Prakruti Mind-Body Quiz

Once you know your natural state of balance, you can take a second quiz called Vikruti which will help you know your current state and where you are out of balance. 

Take the Vikruti Mind-Body Quiz

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